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Advent DVR Client Testimonials

Utah School Board

"The Utah School Boards Association has endorsed Advent Systems, Inc. based upon a due diligence review of not only their products but also their service. The greatest influential factor, aside from customer service, in the Board’s final approval was the clarity in which images are recorded and the ease of access to the surveillance cameras (by authorized personnel) from remote locations—off-campus sites."

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Morgan High School

"Advent Security Systems installed a camera system at Morgan High last spring. It has been a valuable addition to our school. It is well worth the limited expenses. Our resource officers uses it on a daily basis. In fact, we will be adding the system to all of our schools in the district. Dan and his crew are great people to work with."

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City of Ogden Civil Service Commission

"I would recomend Advent's Technology and it's Management Team to any organization or entity that is looking for top of the line, world class surveillance technology and eminantly qualified people to help design your system and back it up. Always remember that quality surveilance equipment doesn't cost, it saves investigation time and provides good clear quality pictures from which identification of offenders can be identified. An unclear grainy picture is wothless in court."

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Snowcrest Jr. High School

"We appreciated the professionalism and cordial manner of their installation team. They were very easy to work with! As we have had questions or have needed to make adjustments, we have also found their employees to be very quick to return phone calls and to provide a high standard of technical support. The system has exceeded our expectations. Within days of the system’s installation, we were able to address and correct a major issue in the school. We feel that the system more than paid for itself with the correction of that problem."

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