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Our Technology Is Our Advantage!

Core Technology and Products

The Advent DVR (digital video recorder) system turns a personal computer and an IP (Internet Protocol) network into a powerful digital security system. Using the Internet, Advent's integrated package allows the user to remotely monitor quality of services, critical facilities, worksites, offices, residences, and special events venues from any connected computer or wireless connection-anywhere in the world.


Compression Technology

The dramatic decrease in cost of video cameras and web-cams, coupled with a significant decrease in the cost of IP connectivity, makes the installation of hundreds of thousands of video surveillance systems by corporations and homeowners feasible and very attractive over the next several years. Positioned to address the needs of this market, the Advent 7000 system is considered a "breakthrough" technology when compared with other systems available for these purposes in the video surveillance market.


compression chart pictureThe Advent 7000 system has unique components including a digital capture card and software (system and user interface). The new 7000 platform provides an advanced all-in-one or omni-compression algorithm for synchronized video and audio signals being sent over multiple (4 to 64 cameras) channels encapsulated into hyper-compressed transport packets and file sizes for efficient transmission and storage. Advent’s compression is able to compress video to a Level 5 which makes the files size extremely small.


In addition to the advances in compressed packet and file sizes, Advent systems are wrapped in a simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is compliant with standard Microsoft Windows conventions for ease of operation and maintenance. The GUI provides an intuitive way to tile or size the various surveillance screens (up to 64 camera system per CPU) shown on the monitor. Desktop commands from the GUI, pan, tilt or zoom the cameras in the system. Simultaneous stop, playback, capture and a host of other commands are standard to the system.


Quality Control Assurance

comparison chart pictureComponents are currently being manufactured and shipped by a computer system integrator to the company’s facilities in Kaysville, Utah. Final integration, assembly and testing are performed at the Kaysville site. Each system is taken through a rigorous Quality Control process to insure the highest-level quality in each Advent Digital Video System. Trained and certified technicians test and certify each system before packaging using a variety of diagnostic tools.