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Advent Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 160106
Clearfield, Utah 84016

801-444-3790 Office
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Advent Systems Management Team

Douglas P. Reed - President

Doug has been an Owner of Advent since its inception and was one of the original founders in 2001. He has 6 years of significant experience in the Security and Surveillance Industry. Doug knows not only the Technology side but also understands the attention to detail that is required for surveillance System to function properly. Doug has 10 years of experience in sales and marketing software and hardware technologies both directly and through distribution. Earlier in his career, Doug was Regional Manager for MarketStar for three years. MarketStar is a national sales and marketing representative organization. Doug holds and Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Utah.


Steve Rogers, PhD - Chief Research Consultant

Steve has 30 years experience in the Federal Government in the Law Enforcement arena. His experience was working with Security and Surveillance as an end-user and therefore understands designing a system for best coverage and threat analysis. Steve was part of an international task force assigned to detect, track and intercept international drug trafficking. He has advanced training in Thermal Imaging, Surveillance and in using these technologies as part of the Federal Government. Steve has also obtained his PhD.


Steve Page - VP of Sales and Marketing

Steve has 15 years of sales experience as a sales executive and as a Director of Sales. He has been in a management position the previous 6 years. As a Store Director and Outside Account Manager, his responsibility has included managing teams of service and sales personnel. His primary experience has been in developing and maintaining new sales accounts and training new Sales Executives. Steve has attended 4 years of college, and has had extensive sales and marketing training.


Jaron Green - Director of Technology

Jaron has been with Advent for almost 2 years now and really understands Advent’s Technology and its use in the industry. Jaron is one that pays particular attention to the detail of his work to insure the highest quality and integrity will all completed products and projects. Jaron has also served as a Project Manager and has the ability to see a project for its inception to completion.


Aunda Madsen - Office Manager

Has over 30 years experience in both management and sales. She worked as the secretary to key officers, necessitating organizational skills, prioritizing, multi-tasking, and problem-solving. Aunda, has excellent interpersonal skills with a strong focused on customer services and support. She has previous experience with organizing large events and meetings. In addition to good communication skills, she has developed sales literature, news releases, and correspondence, and created, edited, and published newsletters for not-for-profit organizations. She was elected to public office four times for her community.