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Mobile Surveillance With Archangel

It's Time To Fight Back!

dvr 9100 pictureAdvent DVR introduces the Archangel mobile video surveillance system. Easily transportable, the Archangel system is ideal for moving between multiple and temporary sites, yet still incorporates all the same advanced features as our fixed systems.


The Advent Archangel Mobile Surveillance System is revolutionizing the ability to view Security cameras any place in the world. Now, picture The ability to monitor Parks, Borders, Construction Sites, Oil Fields, Remote Locations, City Gatherings, and Criminal Hot Spots. Simply park the completel mobile system, plug and play. The Features will show this is a system unlike anything else.


The Archangel never eats, sleeps, or takes time off, providing around the clock protection with the capability for both visual and infrared cameras coupled with motion sensor lights. If an alarm event occurs, the Archangel can notify you by email, cell phone, or audio tone. The proprietary compression algorithm allows for advanced search capabilities during playback - search time and date, alarm event, or a motion event.


Key Features